I feel so unproductive going on lj clone sites all day. I need a job soon, but Marriott Rayong human resource department would not call me back. I would be so surprised if I'm free for another month or so. I need something to do while I wait. Good thing there's Wednesday and Sunday market to keep me from being bored all day. The drinks section is my favorite. I always buy their green tea and Thai iced tea, plus their cocoa drink is pretty good also. I enjoy the local foods in Thailand because they have an authentic taste.

Some people might wonder why I name my dw Kwanzaa, but I live in Thailand. That's because it's an African holiday and I kind of liked that holiday along with Hanukkah. It feels very festive, cultural and exclusive. I like cultural holidays counting St. Patrick's day even though it's not really a holiday. I was going through livejournal communities and searched for the nightmare before Christmas. I saw some pretty neat icons that contain the holidays door scene when jack skellington was choosing which door to enter and went through the Christmas door. What came to my mind was Christmas, hanukkah and Kwanzaa. So that's how I got this username. I'm so glad it's still available. Christmas was taken. Christmas and Halloween are my favorite holidays. I liked Halloween because during that time of the year, stores will sell Halloween decorations and spooky themed things. I miss the times when I lived in San Francisco and Salt Lake City. Mostly I miss the food. I dreamt about eating a burrito for so many nights.

Anyways, I didn't think I would write this long of an entry, but I had lots to say about holidays. Here, in Thailand it had cultural holidays, which I don't really remember except Songkran, where people splash water at each other for fun because the weather was supposed to be hot.

I miss cold weather so much. I always have to turn on the air conditioner every night. I go to sleep best when it is cold. I'm writing this entry from my iPod. That's it for now. Be back on DW later. Have a goodnight.



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